Don’t let negative events impact your path

Don’t let negative events impact your path

A confidence, a little reminder... dedicated to me, to you, to everyone.

I like to share the experiences I have and the things that happen to me during the day, convinced that they can be inspirational but also that first of all I can find someone who shares my same emotions and sensations.

There are periods in life when, okay, not everything is going right. However, there are NO periods and ULTRA NO periods, and I am there, waiting for karma to notice me and send me some positive signal that I am able to understand.

This period is very stressful for me, not in terms of stuff to do but of emotions to experience; and these emotions are mostly perceived as totally negative (things like “Why does it happen to me, and no, it’s not the season change; and no, there are not the hormones).

All the choices I made last year are now turning out to be a total FIASCO!

I am therefore at a point in my life where I have to start again! And the creative person in the situation might think: “Come on, how nice! Uhh a new beginning!

I am of course NOT in the creative phase, but rather in a phase of life called: PLANNING. Because, apparently, after the age of 30 we must necessarily have a life plan that must take us at least until retirement age…

But no, I don’t have any plan; on the other hand I have a fear: that of not being able to reinvent myself, to shake off this feeling of heaviness and mental torpor…

Most likely the load of expectations behind making a choice, with the consequent sacrifices and investments, has a tremendous impact on the state of mind of those who then suffer (and suffer) the consequences.

However, in these cases, I always like to remember a parable that always comes to my aid in moments of discouragement like this, and it is the parable of the old Chinese farmer.

“Many years ago, in the Chinese countryside, a man and his son lived in a small village. They didn’t own much: a shack, a field to cultivate and a horse to plow the field”.

One day the horse runs away. The villagers went to see the man and told him: “The horse was necessary to be able to work. What bad luck you had!”.

And the man replied: “Maybe yes, maybe no. We will see”.

The following week, the horse returned along with two other wild horses. The man and his son then found themselves with three horses. The villagers smiled at the man and said: “You had only one horse and now you have three. How lucky you were!”.

And the man replied: “Maybe yes, maybe no. We will see”.

A few days later the son was busy cleaning the horse’s stable, which was too small to hold three of them. One of the animals became agitated and hit him forcefully, causing him to fall. The boy broke his leg. The villagers passed by the house and said to the father: “Your son is your only helper and family member. What bad luck you had!”

And the man replied: “Maybe yes, maybe no. We will see”.

A few weeks later, some army officers arrived in the village and began recruiting all the young men to fight a war they knew they could not win. When they passed by the man’s house and saw that his son had a broken leg, they decided not to take him to war.

The villagers, hearing the news, said to the father: “Our sons are going to die in the war but yours is not. How lucky you were!”

And the man, as always, replied: “Maybe yes, maybe no. We will see”.

From this parable I learned an absolute lesson, which is always valid, in every circumstance: what happens to us is what we connote as negative or positive. But reality is just a cycle of events, of facts that remain facts. Once they happened… they happened… and the next day? It begins again!

The conditioning, not only of those around us but what we inflict on ourselves is a total waste of energy and neuronal resources.

We can try to read motivational phrases, consult the horoscope, pay the psychologist for hypothetical identity crises, pay the seer to do tarot cards for us, we can do anything that can fill our sense of frustration and unhappiness, but no one ever it will be able to give us what we are all looking for: security; the security of well-being, the security of being happy, that our life will be surrounded only by happy events, the security that everything in life goes as planned.

And it will take us a long time to accept the fact that every day our life is a continuous adaptation, but in reality we already do it automatically!
We adapt to the weather, we adapt to the person who cancels the appointment at the last minute, we adapt to any event that takes us out of this famous planning.

And this ability to adapt is the greatest gift that humankind has available and is called resilience.

What is resilience? Let’s talk about it next time! 🙂

Stay happy!