Bali bowl

bali Oct 2, 2023

Bali bowl


Bali is one of the destinations currently on my wish list. It is a magical place, which represents for me a perfect mix of nature, spirituality and body/mind balance. The elements are simple but when they come together they are in perfect harmony.


  • Rocket
  • Cottage cheese
  • pumpkin, linseeds, or mixed seeds
  • beetroot
  • carotts
  • celery
  • tahini paste

Wash the celery, carrots and beetroot and cut them into slices.
Season them with olive oil or sesame paste (tahini).
Prepare a bed of rocket as the base of our bowl, place the seasoned vegetables, the cottage cheese and the mixed seeds. Season with salt and pepper and garnish  with a touch of color with a splash of turmeric.