Healthy life style

Healthy life style

In how many ways can the word wellbeing be declined? This word today takes on different meanings and attributions but there are some particularly healthy lifestyle habits that we can easily introduce into our daily lives. Let's discover them together!

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If there is one thing I have noticed on my skin, the concept of well-being has evolved over the years in a very different way.

In fact, there have been some phases of my life in which well-being for me meant aesthetic perfection, as a basic requirement for internal perfection as well; subsequently  it was all about my spiritual balance.
For a few years now, however, the concept of well-being has been closely linked to the time I set aside to do what makes me feel good.

Because the word well-being is in fact made up of two words: well + be, or feeling good.

In fact, what I have become aware of is that my well-being cannot be linked to temporary aspects of life but more to a lifestyle of which I can almost become an ambassador!

Here are the things I never give up, and which are now part of my wellness routine:

1) Set aside an hour a day to do sport or yoga.
If you think that sport is something to be inserted between one commitment and another for recreational purposes, know that it represents the greatest investment in improving the quality of our life. Whether it’s a walk, a run, aerobics or karate, dedicating ourselves to our physical and psychological well-being gives us enormous benefits. If you don’t have time, start by carving out half an hour a day 🙂

2) Cultivate a passion. Being passionate about something is the engine of happiness!
Over time I have become passionate about various hobbies: from DIY, to creating DIY accessories, to baking. All these activities make me feel good, happy and peaceful about myself. I almost assimilate them to a sort of active meditation, in which I can switch off and focus only on what I do in that moment.

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3) Get enough sleep.
Adult life deprives us of sleep. Commitments, worries, frenetic pace. How do you relax and sleep peacefully? However, sleeping is the best way to be productive. The mind needs to recharge, while the body needs to eliminate toxins accumulated during the day. For a more peaceful sleep, I have added a cup of Chamomile with melatonin (bought at the supermarket) + reading a book to my evening routine. Sleep guaranteed.

4) Eat well. Nutrition is a great ally. Eating fruit and vegetables does not mean being on a diet but eating nutritious food that is good for the body, with the right amount of fibre, vitamins and minerals.

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What is your wellness routine?
Let’s inspire each other!