Why choose Yogamat

Why choose Yogamat

When I decided I wanted to carry out the Yogamat project I certainly didn’t think it would be such a full and intense experience! I had recently completed my Yoga teacher training and my mind was still full of notions, concepts and mantras in Sanskrit; a whirlwind of new information that I had to have time to assimilate and internalize. However, I was certain of one thing, namely that the yoga mat, after all those months spent studying, practicing and meditating, had become an extension of my person. That’s why I decided to honor that feeling and call my project Yogamat, the place where we can all practise yoga.
Yogamat is made up of an app that allows all of you, yogi, to practice yoga and to be able to practice it in the place most convenient for you. Isn’t there a yoga studio in your city? Do you only have 15 minutes between one commitment and another? Can you bring your yoga mat into the office for a lunch break tailored to you? Well, the yoga app is designed precisely to meet these needs: at home, in the office, at the seaside, based on the time and place available.
As you know, there are many setbacks during the day, and I have always been reassured by knowing that I have a practice ready to be followed even in 15 minutes, sometimes even without the proper clothes!

The yoga practices that you will find in this app are inclusive and dedicated to everyone, both beginners and more experts who do not want to neglect the basic yoga positions; furthermore the sequences do not require specific physical preparation; in fact, there are no complicated asanas (neither split nor vertical, so to speak); in fact, to access those positions the body must be trained and, above all, well warmed up to avoid damage to the muscles and joints.
What you will find instead will be:
*vinyasa practices that will activate your body, in a flow similar to that of a dance
*gentle practices to relax the muscles after a long day
*breathing practices
*meditation practices to re-establish a connection with yourself*.

As you cultivate your daily yoga practice you will pay more and more attention to the sensations that your body will transmit to you; you will pay more attention to your posture, to your way of walking, even household chores will make you think of an Uttanasana by picking up a simple rag while washing the floor! But, above all, you will develop a great awareness of how you nourish your body. This is why I decided to include a super fun and colorful section of the site where you can create and experiment with the famous smoothie bowls! What are they? the funniest way to load up on vitamins, minerals and fruit nutrients, perfect for recharging the body after your yoga practices.

In the app you will also find further functions to start experimenting on your own with the most important practice, that is meditation; through a timer you can establish the lenght of the meditation and improve it day by day.

Always remember the most important thing: move the body, nourish the mind and reconnect: this is the most important teaching and the long-lasting practice of all and Yogamat will become your perfect ally to guide you on this path, helping you to establish and consolidate the your life healthy habits that will become part of you!

Your body will thank you for all the love and care you will start giving yourself and the only thing you will think about will be: I wish I had started earlier!

But it’s never too late to start loving yourself a little more than before and unlock that something that has been trapped for too long, to live a life that is full, happy and in harmony with what surrounds you. You will discover that the day is much more than waking up to the alarm on your cell phone and going straight to the kitchen to prepare coffee, but you will look for sunrises, sunsets, walks in the woods and by the sea. You will discover that everything that matters has always been next to you.

With Love