Getting out our comfort zone

Getting out our comfort zone

comfort zone

Getting outside our comfort zone is a concept often advocated for several reasons, both personally and professionally. Here are some main reasons:

  1. Personal growth: Stepping out of our comfort zone always offers opportunities for learning and a personal growth. Taking on new challenges and trying new experiences can help us discover sides of ourselves that we may never have known.

  2. Skills development: Facing new and different situations can lead to the development of new skills and abilities. Overcoming challenges often requires acquiring new knowledge and skills, contributing to our skill set.

  3. Resiliance increse: Getting out of our comfort zone often involves facing uncertainty and overcoming obstacles. These experiences help to develop our resilience, the ability to face adversity and adapt to new circumstances.

  4. Perspective expansion: Confronting new situations and people can broaden our perspectives. We can gain a better understanding of the world and develop greater empathy and tolerance.

  5. Self confidence improvement: Overcoming challenges outside the comfort zone can help us to build our self-confidence. Knowing that we can handle new and unfamiliar situations can increase our self-esteem.

  6. Innovation: Innovation often comes from risk-taking and experimentation. Stepping out of your comfort zone can inspire creativity and lead to new ideas and solutions.

  7. Personal relationships improvement: Interacting with different people and dealing with new social situations can improve our relational skills. This is especially important in professional and social contexts.

  8. Avoid stagnation: Staying in our comfort zone can lead to stagnation. Experiencing new things keeps us mentally active, stimulated and interested in life.


We need to find a balanced approach, starting with simple activities that are totally within our range of action.
Example: if we suffer from vertigo, we avoid bungee jumping on the first attempt.
Leaving our safety zone means building a gradual path, which requires time and patience; it is necessary to do work on ourselves, face doubts, uncertainties and believe in the experience we are having as personal enrichment. We have to be  patient with ourselves and we will have crazy results!

In summary, stepping out of our comfort zone is an effective way to promote personal growth, professional development and enriching life experiences.
However, it is important to find a balance between seeking new challenges and maintaining an environment that offers security and stability.

A path of meditation and yoga practice helps a lot in developing a conscious and relaxed approach to new experiences.

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